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2015.10.16. 19:45
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Bővebben a "CrossFit" ajánlatról

What is Reebok CrossFit Duna? We work out without machines, without mirrors, and without the same boring routine weeks after week. Just results.

At Reebok CrossFit Duna you may: shout, drop the weight, take off your shirt, listen to loud badass music while being among people whom actually know your name and get kicked by a nasty coach.

Reebok CrossFit Duna is a different kind of gym – called “box”. There are no mirrors and no machines – people are the machines. Every daily workout, known as the WOD (Workout Of the Day) is different and varied – consisting of movements such as weightlifting, running, push ups, pull ups, kettlebells, carrying odd objects, climbing ropes, flipping tires, box jumps, gymnastic moves with rings and various bodyweight exercises.

Anyone and everyone can participate in the sport of CrossFit! The difficulty and intensity of each exercise can be tailored to a particular person’s ability – that is what makes it fun and accessible. All you need is the desire to work hard and you will become stronger and fitter than you have ever been before.

There is an athlete in all of us. Come find yours!

Train your body with me!

Fontos tudnivalók

A Crossfit bérlet 10 alkalmat foglal magába. Az órák 60 percesek, az edzői instrukciók angol nyelven történnek!

More information, Opening hours

A kupon érvényessége
A vásárlástól számított 1. munkanaptól, 30 napon keresztül váltható be.
Információk a beváltásról

Peolpe have to come within 30 days for the first occasion they have 90 day for the last 9 occasions.

This cupon can not be exchange for any other membership type / gear or cash.

Don’t forget to bring your coupon with you!


Cím: 1033 Budapest
Hajógyári sziget 130.

Email cím: info@reebokcrossfitduna.com

Telefonszám: 06209360666

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30 %
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